The Best Cookie Icing Ever

DaisyMoon held their first cookie decorating class ever and it was a jolly good time!

I must admit I was a little nervous as it was my first time teaching a group of people how to explore their inner artist. In the past I have taught rock climbing classes and yoga classes, but that was easy. Move your right hand here, breath, and so on. It was mechanical, and cookie decorating is all about sweet expressions and creativity.

To counter my nerves I searched for the best cookie decorating icing out there.

Usually on my cakes I use an Italian Meringue Recipe and it’s amazing on cakes, but not so much on cookies. What makes royal icing so perfect for this application is its ability to quick dry.

After much research I found an excellent blog about Royal Icing. This recipe is easy to follow and easy to fix if you’ve made it too think or runny.

I hope you enjoy your read as much as I did!