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New Seasonal Growths

Dear Friends and Family, There will be some big changes here at the moon. My mission has always been to produce extraordinary desserts that were gluten free, and delicious, and I have been able to see that mission through. There are some changes coming up that will include gluten in our products. We are excited […]

Red Velvet Uncovered

Red Velvet cake is an American classic served at Christmas and Valentines Day. Many of the foods we eat today have a history attached, and Red Velvet’s history is based on one man’s profit. Originally red velvet was closer to a brick red; much more brown and a lot less red. The slight red hue […]

The Best Cookie Icing Ever

DaisyMoon held their first cookie decorating class ever and it was a jolly good time! I must admit I was a little nervous as it was my first time teaching a group of people how to explore their inner artist. In the past I have taught rock climbing classes and yoga classes, but that was […]

Let them Eat CAKES!

CAKES CAKES CAKES! Here at DaisyMoon we believe you can have your cake, and eat it too. We always design our cakes in a “rustic” style because we believe that our cakes deserve that extra attention. Let’s talk cake… our cakes are made dairy free daily. I know what your thinking… but hear us out. […]

How Many People Will This Cake Feed?

Ah! They mystery that baffles us all — what size cake should I get? Use this reference to help you make your final decision: 6″ Cake – about 4 small slices , just enough to entice Alice in Wonderland. 6″ Two-Layer Cake – 4 to 6 decent sized pieces. 4 people will be fed sufficiently, […]

About those Allergies…

— Please read update on our business & products here — Boy, the body can really react badly when you eat something you shouldn’t have! When I was the head baker many years ago at a local cafe I used to scoff at those who had “gluten intolerance”. I swore they were making it all […]