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Let them Eat CAKES!

CAKES CAKES CAKES! Here at DaisyMoon we believe you can have your cake, and eat it too. We always design our cakes in a “rustic” style because we believe that our cakes deserve that extra attention. Let’s talk cake… our cakes are made dairy and cane sugar free daily. I know what your thinking… but […]

How Many People Will This Cake Feed?

Ah! They mystery that baffles us all — what size cake should I get? Use this reference to help you make your final decision: 6″ Cake – about 4 small slices , just enough to entice Alice in Wonderland. 6″ Two-Layer Cake – 4 to 6 decent sized pieces. 4 people will be fed sufficiently, […]

About those Allergies…

Boy, the body can really react badly when you eat something you shouldn’t have! When I was the head baker many years ago at a local cafe I used to scoff at those who had “gluten intolerance”. I swore they were making it all up; I mean how can anyone be allergic to the very […]