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Bread Care – Keeping your Gluten Free bread fresh!

There’s no denying that gluten free bread needs a little more TLC than our wheat-full cousins. Luckily with a little know how our breads can be enjoyed as if they were just pulled out of the oven for the first time.

When we say bread, we mean our Ciabatta, Baguettes, Pretzel, and even our sweet breads like cinnamon rolls and other doughy creations.

If when you purchase a bready treat, its best when it’s still warm from the oven. If by the time you come around and it’s settled into room temperature just ask us to pop it in the oven (if your eating in house or can wait 5 minutes). This quick toasting bounces all of the life back into your bread!

When you bring your bread home to enjoy that night, we would highly recommend toasting your bread at 425 degrees F  for about 5 minutes. This will give your bread a nice crunch on the outside and the end result is bread that tastes AMAZING!!

Say you went nuts and got a little more bread than you could chew; you have a few options.

  1. Store in airtight container in a dry cool place, like a pantry.
  2. Reach deep down inside yourself and continue to eat all the bread.
  3. Slice and freeze for quick grab & toast slices, or whole. Totally up to you.

Whatever you choose to do with your bread, DON’T STICK IN IN THE FRIDGE! This will dry it out and cause it to turn rubbery and it’ll be really sad. 🙁

Now that you know, you’ll be able to enjoy the best ever rustic gluten free bread!

About those Allergies…

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Boy, the body can really react badly when you eat something you shouldn’t have!

When I was the head baker many years ago at a local cafe I used to scoff at those who had “gluten intolerance”. I swore they were making it all up; I mean how can anyone be allergic to the very substance that the human race had survived for centuries!?

It wasn’t until I was thoroughly over “boogie kisses” (when one’s nose drips continuously for 3 years), itchy arms, panic runs to the toilet, and worst of all feeling completely disconnected from my body, that I decided I was going to give the gluten free lifestyle a go.

I promised myself two weeks of a gluten free diet, just to see what would happen.

Within a week I was amazed at how much better I felt! My runny nose took a break, my arms stopped breaking out in rash, and I finally felt reconnected with my beautiful body — Let’s not forget the whopping 10 pound that decided to disappear.

Being the former goddess of flakey croissants I had decided to give up gluten forever.

It wasn’t an easy road for this Italian belletzza. I was terrified to tell my family I could not longer eat bread, or even pasta!

The reaction was almost as bad as when they discovered my owl tattoo. They couldn’t speak to me for weeks. When in my presence they looked at me like I had three heads with tiny brains.

It was hard to kick the habit, but remembering the pain my body had gone through, it was all worth it to me. I never got tested, I just know I feel more like my fairy-self then ever before.

Because of my history of being a croissant and baguette goddess I couldn’t rest until I developed the best gluten free desserts ever!

Due to my competitive nature I couldn’t rest at just producing delicious gluten free desserts. I wanted them to be just as good — no, BETTER than any dessert.

When I began DaisyMoon the scruples of opening and exclusively gluten free establishment began all over again. Steadfast in my Italianness I continued to push for my dream, for your dream. To open a bakery that was eye popping and mouth watering and gluten free!

My dream was to have a gluten free customer come in and ask “what can I eat” and for me to dramatically wave my arm at the glittering case and say “EVERYTHING”!


At DaisyMoon you can rest at ease knowing all options are always gluten free. There are some special exceptions for dairy free, cane sugar free, paleo friendly and even nut free!

With all of this being said, I want to make one thing clear. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

We aren’t certified free from anything, so if you are unsure about if you should eat “X” dessert or not, then ask us please and we will deliver the ingredient list, and the list of ingredients of our ingredients.

If you don’t feel comfortable feeding yourself, your child, or your Nonna then it’s best to listen to your intuition.

I strive to keep a clean kitchen, but the reality is all the equipment is shared and used for everything. I want to keep the nuts out, but we use a ton of almond flour.

That being said, we clean, wipe and sanitize all surfaces and spatulas, but hey, it’s in the air and the pastry case shares its space with all kinds.

If you are super allergic or leery of getting something from the case I would suggest a special order; this way we can take extra precautions to sanitize and wipe the shared surfaces before we make your special treat.

I am beyond elated to give you this sweet treat and hope that you can enjoy DaisyMoon’s desserts!


Why Gluten Free?