How Many People Will This Cake Feed?

Ah! They mystery that baffles us all — what size cake should I get?

Use this reference to help you make your final decision:

6″ Cake – about 4 small slices , just enough to entice Alice in Wonderland.

6″ Two-Layer Cake – 4 to 6 decent sized pieces. 4 people will be fed sufficiently, and 6 people may wish they had a tiny bit more cake.

6″ Three-Layer Cake – 6 to 8 happy campers. No matter how you slice it this is a perfect way to share a cute and tiny cake with a few extra friends.

9″ Cake – 6 to 8 moderate slices to enjoy as a light dessert or teatime sweet.

9″ Two-Layer Cake – 6 to 8 serious cake lovers will release a sigh of relief when they are served these slices.

9″ Three-Layer Cake – 8 to 12 extremely decent sized slices. You can even get 14 or so cuts out of this massive cake if people only want a “small” slice, whatever that means.

Need more cake?

For a special event such as a wedding or big party ask us about custom creations! We have larger pans, we can stack cakes in multi-sized layers, we just need to know!

Cadillac Cheesecake

White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake

5-Layer Tiramisu