Let them Eat CAKES!


Here at DaisyMoon we believe you can have your cake, and eat it too. We always design our cakes in a “rustic” style because we believe that our cakes deserve that extra attention.

Let’s talk cake… our cakes are made dairy and cane sugar free daily. I know what your thinking… but hear us out.

We begin our cakes with fine-ground almond flour, for chocolate cakes we use our specialty Black Cacao. Each cake is sweetened with local West Virginia Maple Syrup. We whip our egg whites to ensure light and fluffy bites.

The end result is a tall and small crumble cake, which in your mouth means a velvety and moist feel.

The idea of a plain cake suits us just perfectly, and often times we just smear some honey on top for our Honey Cakes, but we also love to make a two-layer tower with our ultra-creamy French Buttercream Frosting.

French Buttercream has a base of egg yolks, which gives it that rich and velvety mouthfeel. We also make our frostings with 100% pure local West Virginia Maple Syrup; we super-heat the syrup to help give our frosting structure.

When we put all of this beauty together we end up with cakes like these…. and they are, yes, entirely dairy and cane sugar free!

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