These mini tartlets have been the reason I have ever dreamed of running, or owning (or living by), a bakery.

Every other summer my family and I would venture to Europe and visit our family. Every summer was about the same routine.

Fly into Frankfurt, visit friends, drive to southern Germany and stay with my Zia (aunt) and Zio (uncle) for a week or so. Then we would drive to northern Italy and stay with my grandmother for about a month in the middle of farm lands and occasionally go into the world to look at ruins and marble wonders.

But no matter how hot (no ac), or slow (staying in the countryside), a summer in Italy could be, it was always worth it for these beautiful mouth-watering tarts in the bakery cases.

In every city there was always a local bakery with fresh tarts, pastries, and these tarts. I was always allotted one delicious tart each summer (or three…) and that was always the best moment in Italy.

It wasn’t until recently when I bought the Gluten Free CIA book and was hankering a little baking and decided to bake the cover!

In my first attempt in making tartlets I realized 1. I over filled them and  2. Friends love it when you put too much pastry cream in their tart.

These yummy morsels were perfect to share and delicious enough where you might need your own!

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