Often times with gluten free baking it’s a trial and error each time you create. When I began to bake it was much harder since there weren’t very many baking recipes (or very good ones), so I had to make-up my measurements and proportions. Then even if you’ve gotten exactly what you wanted, the process of making it work 100% is still far off.

Luckily, if you have to trial and error Tiramisu over and over, you seem to gain friends and happy bellies.

When I first made a GF Tiramisu it was okay.

A bit dry, not enough creamy-ness but all the parts were there.

I was not satisfied and wasn’t sure how to properly execute. One thing I learned was you can never have too much coffee or cream.

Tiramisu 1

I made the cake a second time for my dad’s birthday and decided to make a very picturesque Tiramisu:

Pappies Tiramisu

As gorgeous and flavor-full as it was, it still lacked the moist.

When the idea hit me it seemed almost too simple…

I know my fault in baking is often not enough patience, my excuse is that I get so excited!

I took a new approach to the Tiramisu process and thus was born the 5-Layer Tiramisu. This cake comes fully equipped with plenty of creamy filling, enough coffee to feel a buzz, and a layer of chocolate-espresso ganache that is delicious enough on its own.

When you close your eyes and bite into this awesomeness you get warped over to Italy. The smell of espresso on the stove wafting in the air, and Fabio in your eye site as he beckons you over….

Okay, minus the Fabio… but this cake is that amazing!