This is probably my most extravagant cheese cake. With so many places that things could go wrong, I take pride in my good-luck each time I bake one.

I first found this recipe in one of Bo Friberg’s pastry books when I first stared to bake professionally. The name alone caught my attention (and my deep love for white chocolate) so my chef and I went to baking.

We started with our crust, and the idea of adding nuts and spices into the crust was life-changing for me. Who knew you could sneak that in there! We poured our melted butter over our mixture and the warmth heated the cinnamon and pecans, already tantalizing our noses with pleasure.

Then we indulge in the white chocolates…. carefully melting and integrating it into the big picture.

If anyone has worked with chocolate before, you know, it’s often heartbreaking.

But this cake…. was not heartbreaking.

It baked so evenly and gorgeously in the oven, and the smells that came out of the fan were enough to make you faint.

It was my first fall baking and I was so excited to bring this gorgeous cake home to my family for Thanksgiving (and my birthday). This cake was like a dream and I was stoked to bring this home amongst my own handmade (once upon a gluten life…) croissants, several pies, and my own french baguettes.

It was like nothing we had ever tasted before.

Just as smoothly as the white chocolate had melted, the cheesecake melted on our tongues. The white chocolate was subtle and eating it slowly was key to tasting all the notes. I loved the grounding that the nutty crust gave to the light and dreamy cheesecake top.

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake that year, and for many more Thanksgivings to come!