It’s crazy, I know.

Then again, normal and regular never did suit me very well.

Strangers and boyfriend alike both asked me why am I only doing gluten free baking; there’s a huge crowd of people that I am excluding by only catering to a small group of people.

I smiled and patted them on the shoulder and assured them that actually I have opened the dessert market to a larger group of people by including the gluten sensitive or conscious people.

ANYONE can enjoy the yummies from DaisyMoon, and they can feel good about doing it.


When I developed my gluten allergy I was baking full time at a restaurant and making so many mouth-watering creations including puff pastry and croissants. Then I started to feel “out of my body” and bloated and just plain ill.

I gave the gluten free thing a try for two weeks and I saw instant results and I finally felt re-connected with my body.

Being a college athlete at West Virginia University and then a dedicated rock climber and Yoga teacher I have gained great respect for my body and a consciousness of what I put into it.

My love for food from my childhood and the appreciation for all the miraculous things my body has done for me, I decided the one thing I could do for my body is to pamper it as much as I can.

This means eating well and giving respect to the food that I handle and I put in my belly.


When I opened DaisyMoon I was excited to give the gluten free people in the world the beauty of  [one day] walking into the bakery and asking what was gluten free, and then to have the ability to wave my arm and say “EVERYTHING!”.

However, I don’t just want to be a gluten free bakery.

I want people to know that I care about their bodies as much as I do my own, and that’s why when I buy my ingredients I strive to source things locally, organically, and free from GMO’s as much as I can.


So why all this? Why gluten free? Why bother, its all dessert and unhealthy…

But it doesn’t have to be.

We can feel happy and great about enjoying a little sweetness in life (or a lot). Our bodies and bellies do so much for us each and every day, so lets thank our bellies by filling it with some wholesome DaisyMoon goodness, real ingredients, n-love.

From the bottom of my sugar bowl,

Nadia Caterina